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Bauhaus’ a solar electrically powered cruising houseboat 15.24m by 4.1m

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What makes bauhaus unique is the combination of  the technologies listed below. Because all the technologies used on bauhaus have evolved further over the last four years your dream eco boat can be built  with a higher capacity lithium ion battery, more powerful motor and a 3-5kw PV system from £120k.

25m² POLYCRYSTALLINE PHOTOVOLTAIC panels rated at 1.7kw (more details and how to get more from your own solar panels in technical info).

Electrically powered using the most efficient Lynch motor 10 horsepower also saving you 25% on the British Waterways licence (more details in technical info).

No gas, diesel or petrol on board! You cook and heat with the electricity the PV system generates.

Huge, 1.2 ton battery bank, cruising range ca. 40km (more details in technical info).

All steel flat bottom shell, built to the highest specifications 12/8/6/4mm (14 tons of steel) by a very well established boat builder in Britain (more details in technical info).

Hydraulic steering.

Unsurpassed multilayer composite Passiv Haus insulation using the surrounding water as an energy source (more details and you can insulate your boat better check out technical info and some of the articles in the press section).

Under-floor heating throughout and an Art Deco – Bauhaus style 1930’s solid burning stove.

Bauhaus is classified as category D-Inshore

Through its unique design and layout Bauhaus offers much more internal space than many Dutch barges or double width narrow boats of 15.24m overall length, but importantly has exactly the same if not better manoeuvrability then any other vessel of this size. The inside dimensions of the cabin is 3.66 by 14m, apart from three steps into the boat everything is on the same level. Bauhaus is divided into a very big lounge/kitchen, 25m², a bathroom, and two cabins 13m² and 7m². There is plenty of light from a skylight, a large fully glazed door and windows. Plenty can be seen during cruising, but you don’t get the ‘I am sitting in a fish tank feeling.’ The roof can be used as a seating area.

Bauhaus look rather like a house above water however, there is much more to bauhaus than meets the eye on every level. This vessel is named after the amazing German Arts and Crafts school which was closed down by the Nazi’s in 1933 and, yes and the Band. Bauhaus Barge is absolutely unique and the concept is based on the manifesto of the Bauhaus school, using basic forms to create objects which are primarily functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Bauhaus-Barge is utilitarian at its best whilst offering all comfort, having a lower environmental impact than comparable cruising barges, houseboats or indeed most flats or houses of this size. If you have not read yet ‘was ist das’ I recommend you do. If you would like to have something built with all the features described but customized to your needs or make your own boat or indeed house more energy efficient get in touch using the contact form. However, I do not offer the free help and advice line.. I take a free lunch as a minimum fee.

A pv solar powered boat may be an option for you…  Just think where and how often you are likely to cruise or how often you are going to stay onboard. Your dream eco boat does not have to look like a brick but if you keep the design simple you can put the money you save into decent, well proven technology. However, the Bauhaus team has designed and build very different looking energy efficient barges and we included one in the photo Gallery.  Each of our design is unique and will not be replicated.

If you don’t have a mooring and you are new to the boating business you should really do a few hours research on these matters before contacting me or your local boat builder. The website below is one of many good ones you should read.


If you like to go for something like bauhaus and done your research I would love to meet you.

This showboat ‘bauhaus’ demonstrating since 2010 whats possible is not for sale and neither is the mooring, but the bauhaus team would be assisting in finding a suitable mooring if a boat is commissioned.

DRAUGHT: With the current load/ballast at the lowest point centre stern 78cm, and between 48 to 53cm on bow and stern.

AIR DRAUGHT:  With the current load/ballast the higest point is 2.18 to 2.23m in the center and 1.67 to 1.75m at a width of 4.04m the cabin is 14.40m long by 3.94m wide.

WEIGHT: 18 to 22 metric tons



For your consideration

Renewables have a fantastic track record in a very hostile environment having had only a fraction of the benefits nuclear and fossil fuels had in the past and have now.

Energy provision from Renewable sources has grown in the last 10 years worldwide at a tremendous speed and between 2002 and 2012 enough capacity was installed in Germany to increase the electricity supply by over 92 Terawatt hours to 136TWh=37% of Britain’s electricity needs in 2012. Better still, if the overall energy production is included, renewables produced some 314TWh in 2012, almost a 200TWh increase since 2002 saving enormous amounts of CO2. This is an outstanding achievement because all infrastructures from roads to electric grid connection had to be built from scratch. Also, showing that the energy storage issue is artificially inflated what’s needed is a electricity grid which can distribute the power quickly.

Putting this in perspective all 16 nuclear reactors in Britain produced in 2012 some 64TWh, the all historic height was 90TWh receiving vast amount of subsidies in the past, present and it looks like in the future!

For those interested in facts regarding renewables, fossil and nuclear energy I recommend:











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